• Henley Wing

    Hey Erin, what’s your opinion on BuzzSumo for finding influential writers?

  • http://pageonepower.com/ Nicholas Chimonas

    Nice one Erin, the potential supplemental cross overs of content marketing and link building is an item of constant discussion at Page One Power. There are certainly a few “old age” perspectives in link building (i.e, keyword + inurl:resources), which can benefit from a new point of view that content marketing can provide.

    For example, why not blend the in depth research you would perform to develop a content strategy, with your link building efforts? Define your buyer personas, understand the person behind the visit, research your audience’s intents and then develop your keyword strategy from your content strategy. Laura Lippay had a post go live on Moz today that covers the concept of audience based content strategy development: http://moz.com/blog/content-strategy-guided-by-audience-intent

    To Henley Wing, BuzzSumo is excellent for finding influencers within your space. That is another good example of how you might combine typical content marketing tactics (like discovering niche influencers for the purposes of leveraging their audience to increase your brand’s visibility), with the manual one-one outreach approach that link building has made famous.

  • http://www.TheeDesign.com/ TheeDesign Studio

    Keyword Research > Content > Link Building. All are necessary in a solid strategy. Too often I see people writing content without a purpose, and then posting the content onto their social channels without any link building efforts. You should have a plan, an action, and a follow through if you want success.

  • http://www.greenflagdigital.com Joe R.

    Hey Nicholas – I’m a big fan of Page One Power’s philosphy of how a few strong links can really move the needle. One question I’ve been pondering is that since you guys are focused on link building at your company, how much content creation do you do for clients and is that becoming a larger part of your campaigns than 1-2 years ago?

  • http://www.greenflagdigital.com Joe R.

    That makes sense – it changes client to client – I do love that link building without content post, so I’ll reread that. Thanks!

  • http://www.prosemedia.com/ Justin Belmont

    Great article! You do a great job of showing how content marketing and link building can fit together. I will say, though, that content marketing isn’t just about the marketing funnel; it’s about producing valuable information for your consumers, which ultimately results in the marketing funnel, but the first priority should be to produce that info!