• http://www.michael-martinez.com/ Michael Martinez

    Google+ has so far failed to impress me. It comes across as boring and unimaginative. I look forward to seeing SEO news stories about something more interesting.

  • http://www.freedomvoice.com Nick Gowdy

    Yes, entirely uninteresting. I mean, Google+ has no relevance for SEO, is nowhere in Google’s plans for integrating more social indicators into search, has not received generally positive early reviews, and has not been validated by the panicked response from Facebook. It’s all just a bunch of boring and hollow Buzz.

    So everyone just go back to keyword stuffing, directory listings, and article submission. Can we get a few more posts on those topics, Danny? Surely there’s some real SEO news going uncovered while all this Google+ garbage is filling our feeds.

  • http://jeffzelaya.com Jeffrey Zelaya

    Michael and Nick must work at Facebook.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Michael, Nick, we have a constant stream of SEO and search marketing related news that goes out. This is only one of several stories we’ll be posting today.

    Aside from that, you’re both wrong. Sorry. But if you think Google+ has nothing to do with SEO, you’re missing the boat.

    Search engines have been using social signals more and more over the past year. I’d suggest a refresher here:


    To say Google+ doesn’t matter reminds me of old-school SEOs who talked about Twitter and other social sites not mattering for SEO. Here’s an older piece as to why I think that was wrong:


    And here’s a fresh piece from this year where I cover why any search marketer who thinks social has nothing to do with search marketing really needs to reassess things:


    Michael, Nick, all I can tell you is that I’m hypersensitive that anything we cover here at Search Engine Land has some relevancy toward search (we cover more than SEO, of course — paid search, as well as search topics in general).

    If we’re posting on it, yes, we think there’s some reason. In the case of Google+, Google is building up its own social network that almost certainly will have an impact on its search results over time. So I do think people here want to keep on top of that.

  • http://www.holoview.net Nicola Martino

    I would say this is the first error by google +

  • http://thebritishtexan.com S.N.

    It seems everyone is missing the sarcasm in Nick’s post in response to Michael’s.

  • http://borasky-research.net/about-data-journalism-developer-studio-pricing-survey/ M. Edward Borasky

    I guess Zuckerberg and the top Google execs only got *part* of the message. Not only do we not care how many followers they have, we don’t care what they *think* or *say* either. We only care what they *do* and how it affects *us*.

  • Maha Aad

    Something happened in the last few hours and Larry has made his popularity public again.

  • http://www.leadnet.com.au Jonathon Weston

    S.N. I totally missed the sarcasm too. On re-reading it though its pretty obvious. lol.

  • TimmyTime

    Michael et al,
    Danny is a good man but he’s in love with Google. At least he admits it.

    Now they removed them (IMO) becuase they want G+ to be about others, namely mom and dad and teenagers not wannabe tech celebs. This techie buzz is great but it actually hurts google since all you see is males, engineers, SEO, losers etc etc. This way G+ will surely fail.

  • http://www.arizonan.com Carl Chapman

    Just checked, and Larry is still showing “Have Larry in circles (94913)” in his profile. Must have put it back up.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    I did miss the irony, thanks for pointing that out, SN and apologies, Nick. Like Jonathon said, it was pretty obvious when I read it again!

    TimmyTime, I’m totally not in love with Google. I’ll spare you the many posts I could link to as evidence of this, but read the original review of Google+, and that alone might be sufficient.

    Carl, I’ve updated the story. Apparently, it was all a glitch.

  • jorge bonilla

    I think that google+ will effect SEO in a different way. Google has the biggest search company in the world! Of course its going to have some effect on it! Back to the post lol. Mark Zuckerberg probably took it down to seem like google is trying to play unfairly :P