• http://www.seerinteractive.com jesshill

    Hey Eric – I wholeheartedly agree with your first point and the second one is a great tip! However, while in theory it would be great to procure links to product pages, I’m not sure this the best solution. Most product pages are generic and, unless there is some super duper discount, not many people want to link to them. I’m not convinced a bank shot from a linkbait piece that you’ve built value for is such a bad strategy.

    Also products come and go, it would be better to build value to an aggregate landing page for products – such as product-specific brand pages.

    Do you have any examples of product pages that get linked to frequently or recommend a strategy that ecommerce sites can use within their CMS to attract links?

  • Eric Enge

    Hi Jess,

    The key is to use technology that embeds the linkbait on the product page. Conceptually, imagine that you have a typical product page, and you created a great widget that relates to that product somehow. You can use Javascript to show that widget on the right rail of your product page. Of course, you may want to offer some text copy that discusses the widget and it’s use, and tell people that it is OK to grab the widget on put it on their site, and you may not to have a whole hunk of text show up on the page all the time.

    Deal with this by using Javascript to implement an expandable text window which is by default closed. The user hits a button to expand the text shown. This allows you to place that text on the page while minimizing the disturbance to your product page.

    Does that help?