• http://weblogs.hitwise.com/leeann-prescott/2006/12/yahoo_answers_captures_96_of_q.html LeeAnn Prescott

    Thanks for the tip – the review was very interesting and I provided some stats on the sites mentioned on the Hitwise blog.

  • http://www.funadvice.com/ jgoodrich

    It’s funny the choices of sites they picked for Question Answer services. Why didn’t anybody mention FunAdvice.com?

    Fact: more than 11K members (when we checked, we’re 4x the size of Yedda)
    12,00 questions
    26,000 answers

    (about double Yedda, and more than 10 times the size of Oyogi)

    Yes, we have categorization for questions, a community, and several features that are unique of any site in the QA space. However, despite being online & growing since March, 2003, surveys tend to miss us. The sites reviewed were all featured on TechCrunch ;) Is that the final arbiter of all things relevant.

    Honestly, I expect people to do better research, if they’re reviewing the top sites in a niche.

    In both quantcast & compete, FunAdvice is bigger than 2 of the sites on your list, and only smaller than Yedda in Alexa…which, as we all know, is very inaccurate when it comes to smaller sites, and only really significant when your site is in the top 500 or so.