• Ashutosh R

    As an Indian I can say social media manipulation did played significant role in current govt. fall. Since electronic and print media are mostly playing under the bad players instructions and democracy is controlled in a way that you cannot speak the truth in front of all even. People used social media aggressively to share every little incident to bring awareness about the ruling and other political personalities despite all govt measures… and nearly every political group paid, voluntary and mislead jumped in the falls mudslinging game as well. :) Things have gone crazy with social media since govt has failed in India to nail social media to its suiting despite every possible effort to the dismay of highly deplorable politics of India.

  • http://swiftpropel.com Vijay Sood

    Yes! this is true but other developed nations have already been utilizing online platform to manipulate general perceptions! Even Obama met Mark Zukerberg before starting his election campaign!

  • http://www.formertourist.com/ Gaurav Srivastava

    Right Ashutosh. Social media has dramatically changed the game of election in India 2014. Agree.

  • http://www.formertourist.com/ Gaurav Srivastava

    Yup, let see what happen tomorrow.