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    But Google DID take an active role in the process by providing Egypt’s people with the means to circumvent the government’s shutdown of the Internet so that they could continue to organize protests through Twiiter (via their cell phones, through a relay service Google set up).

    In some states, Google’s actions would constitute a felony (but not in California so far as I have been able to determine) because a number of states prohibit subversive activities by corporations against foreign governments.

    If any Google employees who participated in that project reside in those states, they probably are guilty (and perhaps Google too) of committing those crimes.

    So the Russian point of view is something to be considered thoughtfully.

    Do we REALLY want American corporations to conduct foreign policy on our behalf? Well, truth be told, I am sure that numerous oil companies and fruit importers have already dirtied their hands in foreign policy — that is probably why various states forbid such activities now.