• http://junaidwebmaster.wordpress.com Junaid Jaffery

    Lights (Users) Camera (Google) & Action (Start and End of a particular session which will get display in SERP)


    Lets see how Search Engines Grab this Schema Mark up Tag.

  • http://www.miamirollsroyce.com/ Hoa Pham

    Is there any way to implement it on the website?

  • http://www.searchmarketing.com/ tobryant

    Im sure FB is dying to implement

  • http://www.blogginglove.com/ Ravi Chahar

    Schema.org has provided such a wonderful dictionary to webmasters. Now with this new action of schema.org rich snippets appearance will change and as you have discussed people will easily check the time of processing.
    It would of great used for Google, Bing and all other. Somehow the benefits will reach to us.

  • http://www.NewEraWebServices.com/ Himanshu Jain

    Do anybody tell me what it exactly do. And what is the benefit of it in SEO.

  • http://junaidwebmaster.wordpress.com Junaid Jaffery

    You can do it through website web-masters tools.

    One can go either by HTML Markup or Data Highlighter

  • http://junaidwebmaster.wordpress.com Junaid Jaffery


    It works for a particular session in your website.

    Suppose a website is having an event that will have certain time limit.

    Google will show the start and end of the event in SERP through Action Mark up tag.

  • http://www.tylerherrick.com Tyler Herrick

    Doubtful, they have their Open Graph protocol which seemingly does the same thing.

  • http://explainingindia.blogspot.in/ Sachi Mohanty

    How to know if a site uses Schema mark-up?

  • Pavithra

    Visitors/viewers will not be able to identify a particular website using schema mark-up without viewing their source code.

    In order to identify: Check, if the website is letting you to view their source – by right clicking on the page( some websites disable right-clicks) – now, search for “itemprop” – if you find one – that website uses this markup.

  • http://explainingindia.blogspot.in/ Sachi Mohanty

    Yep. I had to do that sort of manual stuff …

    Nobody can ‘hide’ their source code, can they?

    I mean …

  • Pavithra

    Oh you can hide source – although there is no direct or fool-proof way!!

    Using JavaScript/JQuery (source is available on Google): – you can disable the “right click” functionality on the website/blog – so that when somebody tries to *view source code* by right-clicking on the page – a pop-up window would pop out and say – this ability is disabled in this website. Also there are ways to disallow copy/paste of website/blog content.

    There are other tricks for browsers – but they are all browser dependent. so not very useful.

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Ryan_(BioShock) Charlatan Hunter

    No it is not possible to hide your code. You can obfuscate or minify it but people with basic hacking or editing skills can get around that. Modern browser allow you to edit the source code of the website on your local machine. Greasemonkey is a famous one.

    We have stopped doing trying to hide the code. “40 yr old spends 40 weeks to hide something which a 14 yr old finds out in 14 minutes”. Just not worth the investment.

  • http://explainingindia.blogspot.in/ Sachi Mohanty

    Ya. Some websites do disable right clicks.

    I don’t think if anyone accomplishes something ‘nifty’ in terms of code in designing a website, that such nifty-ness would necessarily appear in the “source code”; I mean, if you right-click and “view source code” of Google itself, it is not like we will get a peek into that famous Google algorithm or anything.


    So, I don’t think any reputed ‘website’ would ever think of disabling right clicks — be it NASA or the CIA.


  • http://explainingindia.blogspot.in/ Sachi Mohanty

    Yes. I cannot imagine website source code being valuable on the same scale as Coca-Cola’s secret ingredient or Google’s search algorithm or the source code of Windows.


  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Ryan_(BioShock) Charlatan Hunter

    These days most of the good stuff is available under open source license. I remember back in 2000, we were tasked with developing a web editor for a news website in India. We took the easy way of saving a copy of hotmail’s mail editor and modifying it. Illegal but was a great learning experience. We could deliver what the customer wanted in few days time which would have otherwise taken us months/years to develop.

  • Pavithra

    I couldn’t find a relevant political post in FirstPost to share – hence sharing the link here – watch this – www (dot) youtube (dot) com/watch?v=hc5erdvB-4Y