• Colin Guidi

    Great post Barbara, very extensive.

    The only update I’d make is this: “All you have to do is say, “OK, Google” and off you go.”

    That functionality isn’t live yet, and if it is it’s definitely still in beta. I drafted a POV a little while ago on it, but that functionality is in the works for the next phase of Google Now.

    Solid post.

  • http://www.keshkesh.com/ Takeshi Young

    Yes, we should all add markup to our content, effectively working for Google for free so that they can then take all of our information and… not give any traffic back?

    It seems like increasingly Google is providing answers directly, whether it be in Google Glass, Android, or even Google search. What they seem to forget is that all that content & knowledge comes from somewhere, i.e. publishers and web site owners marking up their content with semantic markup. If you then take that info and take the traffic away, they’re going to kill the source of their own data. Pretty short sighted if you ask me.