• http://www.jexanalytics.com.au jexley

    Great article mate.

    Howzabout an automated Keyword Research Tool that pulls Keyword Data from your Google Analytics traffic and gives you ideas on future SEO efforts?

    I like that idea so much that I think I’ll build one.


  • http://tonyadam.com/blog/ Tony Adam


    Thanks for the comment! That keyword tool sounds like a great idea! I’d love to see you create something like that! :)


  • 10minutes


    Thanks for the article on automation. I was recently slightly bashed for looking at strategic ways of automating our day to day operations that are repetitive so seeing articles like this and others sure makes me feel like I am indeed moving my team in the right direction.

    So what have I been doing…

    Let’s start out with the fact that I’m using a nifty plugin for Firefox called iMacros. (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3863/) which is also available for Chrome and IE. I’m also utilizing their developer browser to accomplish a lot of my macro building.

    I’ve automated steps like submissions to various directories ranging from yellow pages, super pages all the way down to lesser value directories that I’d call throw away links. The automation simply saves my team the copy / pasting of client information all the way up to the captcha point if there is one.

    I’ve also created several macros that prepare potential keywords that we want to research for new customers. It pre-builds the keywords and loads them into the Google keyword tool and from there all the marketing representative has to do is enter the captcha and export the data. Saves them time on preparing the keywords which is a pretty straight forward task getting started.

    I’ve also automated some of our ability to update a ticket for a client once a task that was automated is completed. Say for example, we automatically submit the client to DiscoverOurTown.com, the ticket is created, updated and closed and an e-mail is sent to the customer notifying them of the submission and any access information if needed.

    Finally but certainly not the least of my automation goals is that of creating pre-built pages with all the basic on page elements you’d normally see. Also included as contact information from our CMS for call to action purposes. We pre-build up to eight geo specific pages that are lacking nothing but on page links and content. Once we have content for those pages it is a simple matter of going in and manually adding that content and adjusting metas, header tags, image alt text and so on.

    The beauty of my page creation script is that every month, or as often as I’d like, I can go in and change the template that is used so that we mix things up with newer clients. We want to be careful not to create the same layout / look for dozens of new clients.

    All of this came about after spending almost three months at home due to carpel tunnel. I started looking for time saving short cuts and now I’ve pretty much helped my company reduce the tedious day to day tasks.

    @jexley – I’d love a tool like that as well. What data would you consider important to pick up from G analytics? I MIGHT be able to collect that data using iMacros; hit me up.

  • http://www.coseom.com/en/ davidschoenfeld

    I can only recommend to use the data from google analytics. The keywords per landing page can be used to automatically generate tagclouds On related pages, manage internal linking etc.
    We’re implementing for several months now and it works great!

    Defining the right rules and ongoing testing is key to get out the most of it. I recommend rules like:

    If keyword a generated +10 visits within the last 14 days then put link with anchor “keyword” here… etc.

    With a ongoing on-page optimization these landing pages will get stronger and stronger.