SEO Metrics: Proving Value With Research, Data And Tact

When it comes to SEO, it is a quantitative marketing medium that is all about metrics and results. That means if you can’t provide data/research that proves value, as well as analytics and reporting to back your results, you’re basically asking for a whole lot of drama. Putting together the research behind a business case […]

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Maximizing Go-To-Market Strategies For SEO

Working for startups and companies launching new products, features, and verticals consistently makes it very important to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck and not make startup seo mistakes that many others make, including fortune 500 companies. The point is, you want to leverage the most out of the buzz, the press, […]

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7 Tips To Deal With SEO Resource Constraints

I’ve been at companies large and small, fat and lean. Whether the company is two people trying to build a business out of their home, or 10K+ employees at companies like PayPal and Yahoo, no matter what the size of the company, there are always going to be resource constraints. Don’t get me wrong, I’m […]


Shake Up In-House SEO By Adding Social Media To The Mix

Mixing Social Media into your daily in-house SEO routine is not the easiest thing to do, nor is it simple to merely add it to one of your strategies. You already have enough on your mind to stress and worry about with regard to SEO, adding Social Media into the mix could make it a […]


In-House SEO Reporting: Guide To Succeeding Where Others Fail

This being my second in-house SEO column for Search Engine Land, I wanted to continue where I left off by giving you some insight into some best practices for in-house SEO reporting. The understanding of analytics and reporting, setting up a baseline for your goals, and how to report on those goals and analytics. If […]


Starting A New In House Search Marketing Job

As many of you know, I recently joined BillShrink as Director of Search Marketing, which will essentially be my 4th time leading In House SEO efforts, as either my full time role or part of my role at an organization. We start-up folks wear many hats! That said, every single time I’ve had a new […]

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