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    Duplicate anchor text has been an issue for quite some time. A link profile without the occasional, non-relevant anchor text link will of course appear unnatural.

    We’ve found that using easy to gain links for highly varied anchor text and higher quality links for more targeted anchor text seems balance the equation without getting too expensive…

  • Miles Carter

    Good article, it sounds like you’ve got a decent testing process in place too!

    You had me thinking about internal links too – should there be the odd “click here” or “read more” link? I don’t mean keyphrase variation, I mean having a few obviously unoptimized links.

  • Julie Joyce

    Hi Miles,

    Absolutely…click here and read more are totally natural ways to link!

  • http://www.crearecommunications.co.uk/ KJ

    A good reminder to mix things up and not waiting for the algorithm to change. Manage the customers expectations right from the start and they should start trusting you when you deliver.

  • http://www.fluidsearch.co.uk Fluid

    On site a variation is definitely a good thing. Off site we’ve found that mixing up targeted anchor text with company names and even the URL is the best way to go. Not so sure about non-relevant links though – if it happens ‘naturally’ then fine, but as an SEO I wouldn’t do it myself. All about a widespread, natural looking link profile, as you say.

    Thanks for the article, it’s nice to know we’re doing it right!

  • http://www.sefati.net Alireza Sefati

    Well while I agree with you on anchor texts should be more natural but we should not stop optimized anchor texts as they still work however they need to look more natural.

    They should be more phrase match than exact match. You can get away with exact match more if the keyword is in your URL but if it is not, then focus on phrase match and optimizing your on-site content.

    Lastly, we shouldn’t forget about Bing and Yahoo, now they have more than 28% of the search market and my assumption is that they will reach 30 by end of this year.

  • neeraj1_1

    Hi Julie Joyce ,
    Great post in real , Actually even i have been tracking some of the websites and their backlinks for some time and i have found that they are getting links either in their brandname or their url and they are ranking in many of their keywords,
    it looks that google has started ranking the websites using LSI and it will be really beneficial to us if we go for links in our brand name/url