• http://slashtag.it Christian Kroll

    Great Article. Thanks a lot. :-)

    Founder of Slashtag.it

  • http://www.thedan1984.com Dan Bochichio

    Excellent find. Definitely going to have to try that site our for a week or 2 and see if I like the results better than traditional methods

  • Cameron Beyer

    DuckDuckGo.com does this too, only with exclamation points… try the drop-down to the right of the search box to see the ones available.

  • http://slashtag.it Christian Kroll

    @Cameron Beyer:
    Yes, but the problem with DuckDuckGo is that you can’t keep using your old search engine (e.g. Google). With Slashtag.it you can continue to use the search engine of your choice. More useful in my opinion.

  • http://slashtag.it Christian Kroll

    @Danny Sullivan:
    Blekko is surely great, but you can’t combine it with Google.

    I have been using Blekko for a while and realized that it does not really fulfill my needs. That’s why I started Slashtag.it

  • http://www.marksonland.com markson

    Actually Matt, you’re postscript is wrong. When you search /amazon, /youtube, /google, etc. on blekko we hit their API’s directly. Here’s a page describing our various slashtag types: We explain it here http://blekko.com/tag/show. Please look under the built-in tab in the column labeled “third party API’s”

    It’s nice to hear the founder was “inspired” (our lawyers have a different word for it) by blekko.

  • Matt McGee

    markson, can you please please explain why Blekko’s search for “u2 /amazon” only returns 16 results when Amazon (and Slashtag.it) return the full list of Amazon results, numbering in the thousands? My postscript is correct.

  • shilpi choudhury

    A welcome change !…am surely going to give it a try!

  • http://www.Match.ccom Simon Serrano

    you’ve been able to do this in firefox for a looooooong time.

    all you have to do is navigate to any site with a search box, right click in the search box and hit ‘add a keyword for this search’.

    Then all you have to do is open firefox and in the URL bar, enter the keyword you saved for the search box followed by your search query. Viola. No navigating to ANY sites and then searching.

    For example i created one for Amazon that uses ‘az’. If i want to search for ‘sony cameras’ on Amazon, all i have to do is open up firefox and type ‘az sony cameras’ in the URL bar.