• alexcalic

    I’m intrigued and cautiously optimistic about Blekko. Would love an invite!

  • Mike_SEO

    This sounds pretty interesting, would be good to give a spin for myself. I could see this being quite popular with some people, how much of a market share they’ll manage to gain I don’t know.

    I’d be interested in an invite if possible.



  • peaches3

    I agree! I would love to test this out and see what it is capable of.

    I’d also love an invite. Thanks!

  • patrocknroll

    I’m very curious about these customizable search options, especially testing them against similar types of searches in Google. I would love an invite if you still have one left !

    Thanks !


  • jonamelton

    Interesting stuff, I can’t wait to try it out. Could I have an invite if you still have some to give? Thanks

  • bjonathan

    Great article, would love to have an invite !

    I’m eager to try a real alternative to google :)

  • http://www.interleado.com Interleado.com

    Would love to check out the new slashtags, looks very useful.

  • http://2helixtech.com matthiaswh

    Would love an invite so I have some real experience to rant about to everyone I know about how great it is, rather than just how great I think it will be :)

  • http://blog.charles-armstrong.com carmstrong

    Great article… I would love an invite to check out some of the early Beta results

  • calebelston

    Refreshing to see a new search startup that is trying to manage expectations. Not going to be a google killer on day 1.

    Would love an invite if you have one left.


  • http://nathandidier.com nathandidier

    And like everyone else, I’m here for an invite. That’d be great! I love testing new things=) Thanks Danny

  • guser

    Invite please. the seo aspects seem very interesting. it is always fun trying out early release search engines

  • Jonsi

    Really interesting article, I’ve been looking forward to Blekko’s launch for quite some time. I would really appreciate an invite if you have some left.

  • AzFord

    Great write-up. I’m very curious about blekko’s take on search and would love to give it a try. I’d love an invite, thanks!

  • AlexTW

    Interesting idea, would love to try it in depth please email invite! :)

  • http://www.websage.net websage

    Not sure about a Google killer but I would certainly like to give it a try! May I be considered for an invite, please? Thanks in advance!

  • http://www.trustyourtechnologist.com/ StephanieZ

    I would love to give it a try. This seems like a really interesting take on search and it sounds like it will really come in handy if you’re searching for something specific or already have something in mind that you’re looking for.

  • leroy12

    Very nice and in-depth. Very promising search engine… Would love an invite :)

  • obelix

    I am interested as well. Please send me an invite. Thanks.

  • http://plainlysmartmedia.com PSMedia

    Would love an invite to Blekko!

    What I see is a folder-like structure and that makes me wonder whether order matters.

    Really looking forward to playing with Blekko to do legal research. As lawyers learn new ways to categorize data and slice ediscovery (curating rather than tagging is what my company is pushing), any tool that makes it faster and more intuitive to find quality content is a welcome item in the toolkit!

    On the flip side, as a producer of content, it will be interesting to see how SEO works in terms of how it interprets information on the page. is it semantic, will it take microdata fully into account?

    It’s not about being a “Google-killer” but about becoming an independent Google resource! Once Google starts to crawl your search engine to benchmark its own, you’re in there! THAT, is seems to me, is an achievable, measurable goal.

    Thanks for tweeting this!

    Good luck!

  • http://webg webg

    Many SEO’s spoke about Blekko, so I’m very interested on what will offer.

    And if i can get an invitation that would be good ;)

  • buddhisaali

    Can’t wait to slash the web.. Google is becoming a content duplication monster with lots of paid adverts.. Would love an invite to check out Blekko!!

  • http://www.semto.com willsemto

    Would also love an invite Danny, great article, and have been following the blekko search closely so this would be great if I could get one :)

  • chrisruby

    Very insightful review. I would love to give it a try. Could you send me an invite please?

  • http://webmd.com roseberry

    got any invites left? I’ll take one if you do


  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Everyone, I’ve still got about 15 invites that I can give out, so next 15 who ask, they get them.

  • http://DonnieCooper.com Donnie Cooper

    Hey Danny, may I have an invite? I would greatly appreciate it, I’m anxious to try out Blekko!

  • bobsakai

    Would greatly appreciate another invite here too. I have high hopes for blekko, it doesn’t sound like much on the surface but as is made clear it has great potential.

  • as

    Hi, I’d love an invite to try it out. Thanks!

  • daveb

    I would love to try out Blekko. Thanks

  • michaelpatrickryan

    It’s good that they’re starting with humble goals (and presumably a sustainable business model) and starting at a time when Google’s results are starting to get flooded with low-quality content. Hope to see them work on the relevancy issues you mentioned.

    And like everyone else, I would also like an invite if you still have some. Thanks!

  • http://www.wordnik.com jmcgrath

    Would love an invite as well, if you have any left.

  • vagsmith1

    Please send an invite, if I am not too late.

  • http://nikolay.com nikolay

    Can I have an invite, please?

  • mugshot

    Can I get an invite please :)

  • vagsmith1

    Thanks very much for sending the invite!

  • http://benfremer benfremer

    Would like an invite please. :) Thank you in advance if I’m a lucky winner. :D

  • gagan

    I would love one invite too, please. Thx

  • jdamadon

    I would love an invite.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Thanks, everyone. That’s it on the invites. Everyone who asked should have gotten them by now. Gagan — the email you used wouldn’t go through. Use the contact form and send me an alternative one.

  • http://www.trustyourtechnologist.com/ StephanieZ

    I never received an email… Unless I wasn’t sent one in the first place :(

  • http://www.inkode.co.nz inkodeR

    I’ve got 10 or so invites if anyone wants one – flick me an email aidan@inkode.co.nz (hope thats cool with you Danny)