• http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    Until someone can figure out how to “NoFollow” iFramed links, I suppose this really is a non-event as far as SEO is concerned.

  • http://www.v3im.com Shelly Kramer

    I tried to use it today – just browsing some content that I might be interested in. Found it very annoying, hard to understand, wonky interface. Got annoyed and went somewhere else :)

  • http://www.cozality.com C.Z.

    I noticed the changes the other week when I was setting up a new blog for a client. Looks like I will no longer be using Stuble as my secret SEO weapon to get people to the top quick. Boo StumbleUpon..

    Oh, and very annoying as a user too. I like to bookmark, send, etc. by using the actual domain name.. Let’s protest..

  • http://beingalison.com/ Alison Wright

    I don’t use the new SU because I hate it. I stick with the old one. Plus I don’t use their toolbar on their site. I use the toolbar for my browser.

  • rakers8

    Perhaps the iFrame change was to help the user experience? I haven’t used Stumble since switching to Chrome because their extension was barely operable. The iFrame seems to be a browser-universal solution to that and eliminates the need of installing their toolbar to get the intended experience. Furthermore, it should weed out websites and users whose intentions are *only* SEO purposes or anyone that isn’t Stumbling *truly* unique/interesting/relevant websites. Think about it from their perspective; Would you want every mundane, startup internet company (who can leverage/abuse a lot of arbitrary “Likes”) showing up in the non-relevant interest categories?

    Stumbles modus operandi isn’t being an SEO utility. I imagine they do not want users signing up with the intentions of leveraging traffic to their site, rather they sign up with the intentions of discovering new ones. From my perspective, this will improve their product.

    Sucks for seo’s though.

  • http://www.greattwittertools.com GTT

    I think the changes at StumbleUpon are based on trying to become more like PinInterest?

  • http://www.aerialandhandlingservices.com catkins10

    I can’t see the bonus for users or SEOs. Does anyone have any recommendations of the most authoritative social bookmarking pages? Previously StumbleUpon was often recommended, but in light of this who are the next best?

  • http://ghoststorm.co.uk Stephen Quinn

    Or you could add
    if (top !== self) top.location.href = self.location.href;
    just before the ending head tag.

  • Chas

    StumbleUpon has stumbled with their design and function changes. The new logo looks like an infantile symbol of an IUD and they have removed too many user choices. I closed my account after the design changes were implemented.
    Pinterest is driving traffic by it’s Silicon Valley influence among the techie community and I believe half of the effusive hyperbole written about it in internet tabloids such as mushable is paid for. Another factor to it’s traffic numbers, is it’s ‘gifting’ program- we will see what happens to traffic if that feature is removed and writers get tired of coming up with glowing reviews from some different angle, whether they are paid for, or not. As the afterglow subsides, I believe the site will fade like Myspace.

  • http://osakabentures.com Saul

    It the court of social media public opinion, SU is going to lose this fight – to keep us in the SU jail of their toolbar. We just need to rally behind the best noisemakers – as this post and author has done – and they will knock that nonsense off. It is what makes me jump in, get my stuff done, and NOT go Stumbling: the non-access to URLs that are without their SU-frame.