• http://livz.org Steven Livingstone

    Hi Danny. I have run http://www.valebrity.com for a few years now and verification isn’t that simple and in fact works differently depending on whether you are a well known individual or not.

    There is no real easy way to do automated verification for the people (or brands) who really need it – or rather those who could make the front page if it were pronounced official and was being used for something illicit. Using a web site is one way but depending on the level of verification needed, not always the easiest … in fact in many cases it’s hard enough verifying the official sites themselves.

    I remember when Twitter launched verified accounts i said publicly that it would be a very difficult thing for them to crack.

    There are options – i am staying an interested party – but it remains to see whether any of the major social networks will look at them.

    I do wonder whether there would be interest in low level verification versus verification for well known people. I have spoken with a number of well known tech people and got the impression they weren’t interested as many list their official social profiles on their own web sites. Be interested in feedback on this.

  • http://votekick.blogspot.com S.Rippetoe

    Good luck on getting a verified account with Twitter.

  • http://fanpagelist.com/ FPL

    Agree with the comment that Facebook should also have a verification system. Facebook did clean up a bunch of fake accounts when they converted most of them to Community pages recently.

    At http://fanpagelist.com/ , we’ve been maintaining a directory of official accounts of brands & celebrities on Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare (and plan to add more YouTube and add Google Plus accounts soon) and the best way we could verify is to look up their official sites manually and see if they have links to their official accounts.


  • TimmyTime

    Danny, it’s too expensive, that’s why. Tech companies for obvious reasons don’t want to hire people to go back and forth with faxing passports or DL.

    Hell, didn’t Google release a cell phone with just an email address as support?

  • http://www.chatmeter.com C.M.

    Not to keep harping on Google’s 2nd attempt at a social networking site, but little things like verifying profiles and having business profiles seem like aspects Google should have had figured out before they launched. It seems like Google is acting as if they are the first social media site to exist. If we look back at history you can see the issues that other sites have come across and dealt with. There is no excuse to be in shock that you have tens or thousands of businesses wanting business accounts and celebrities who do not want to be impersonated. In my eyes, these are foreseeable problems that could have been addressed before Google+ was launched.

  • http://nithin.net Nithin Jawali

    Only @DannySullivan can keep tab of little details like this. Even I was thinking, my verified Google profile just went poof after G+ arrived.