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    I’ve had so many clients tell me “we don’t need to worry about SEO for branded keywords. It’s our brand after all.” But just because it’s your brand that doesn’t mean your content is what populates the SERPs. When someone searches for you by name you want to make sure you control that interaction as much as possible and that means dominating the SERPs with content you’ve created.

  • http://twitter.com/b_smith54 Brian Smith

    Great article! The value of owning your own branded space in the SERPs is severely under estimated by many, especially large brands. We consistently preach this part of SEO to our clients. It’s an effective campaign when you can own the brand and show growth in the non-branded keywords to drive the bottom-line.

  • Annie Winters

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  • Nataliya Yakushev

    In my experience owning your BRANDED SERP is only possible when you start from scratch (aka brand new name and no brand legacy) and have no earned media links. If your brand got mentioned on a popular 100% SEO compliant website, you are out of luck. they will own this space for lonmg time. Considering if this mention is positive, good for you. If negative – than it is a challenge. Google will display only certain amount of “same kind” properties – it must be the right mix of websites, microsites, social profiles, news sites, etc.

  • http://madewithrealjuice.com/ Julian True Flynn

    As someone who has profited many times from brands who don’t have control over their search results I make sure the same doesn’t happen to clients and or my own businesses. A lot of gold mentioned in this post Will.

  • http://twitter.com/mklein86 michael h. klein

    this is a fantastic post. great work!

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    Great post.

  • or zilberman

    Dealing with brands is actually one of my favorite practices in seo.

    My guideline for the brand first page is to have 100% ‘autuorized’ results. This means the company pages and some positive reviews and mentions. I actually think its good to have a few results that are positive but not from you as users in the process of reviewing your brand will turn to other resources then your own company website. So having a different pages there that are ‘chosen’ by you can be a big push for your company.
    Even if not in immediate ctr and sales but later in.
    As can be seen from the multi funnels many conversions take more then 1 entrance to the site. If I can push that process and gain a bit of control over it so it’s best.

  • Matej Michalík

    I have a question, I was looking over the internet but still dont have an answer. We have an adwords campain, our business rank number one in google local places with the specific keyword we are interested in. A week before we were at 11 place in google places but also in the search results on the second page. Now, we are number one in Google local but in the search rusults we are not appearing any more. Is this normal? Is it right, that with one specific keyword your business can rank three times? (adwords, google places, search results). Thanks. Matej.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dcvisser Derek Visser

    Love this semi-philosophical article, especially the intro. A work of art Sir.

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    If your focus is to get high SERP ranks for all your keywords then you have to rely on search engine optimization. Now, how you do it will entirely depend on you. Learn and talk to SEO consultants to get quick and effective result for your target keywords.

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