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    In my opinion, Google missed the boat years ago when Yandex provided much more relevant results for Cyrillic alphabet users. Google is still underperforming for image searches, for example. Transliterated domain names (Vkontakte = “staying in contact”; odnoklassniki = “classmates”) did not factor into Google search results. Yandex, however, integrated the meaning.
    Vkontakte.ru is painful to use, but Facebook did not have a Russian version. I got trojan viruses on my computer through Odnoklassniki.ru a couple of times, but there was no alternative and I keep using the site (with caution). I still do not foresee Google or Facebook dominating Russian search.
    The bottom line is, a company has to recognize the market opportunity and make an effort to participate. Otherwise, it will be too late.

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    Hey Chris! Nice summary! Russia is growing a lot in terms of Internet and mobile users, and indeed is becoming an interesting market to enter and to write about. I am however very sad that a you refer to that post of Olga Gabdulkhakova as a detailed and worthy source of the information. That post is a rip off of my old blog, which I stopped writing roughly half a year ago, and therefore the information in Olga’s post is outdated and in many cases plain wrong. There are a few good blog in English about Russian online marketing, which would be a wat better reference. Thanks for sharing the latest stats on Russia once again! Very interesting to watch the market developing and evolving like that.