• http://www.searchoftheday.com yehaskel

    It’s great that you can search that far back on Topsy, but after a few quick searches it doesn’t seem like Topsy is all that comprehensive as a Twitter search client.

    Example: “hiccups”

    Twitter search shows 22 in the last hour: http://search.twitter.com/search?q=hiccups&result_type=recent

    Icerocket Twitter search showing the tweets and an average 28.5 an hour.

    Topsy say 0 in the last hour and 16 in the last day: http://topsy.com/s?type=tweet&q=hiccups

    (these numbers will likely change throughout the day, and I can’t attach screen shots)

    If I search for something more common I get similar results. A search for “lindsay lohan” in quotes yields several per minute on Twitter search, 3.2 posts per minute on Icerocket, but only 10 in the last hour on Topsy.

    Just an observation… I wasn’t that impressed with the coverage.

  • http://topsy.com rishabghosh

    Hi Danny!

    Great analysis, as always. We just published a post on the Topsy blog with some technical details of what’s going on under the hood in our v2 search platform:



  • http://www.WebshareDesign.com coreykoberg

    For the most part I still find it easier just to use the standard Google operators. For example, your goal of finding Ashton’s first tweet via Google is fairly easy:

    I could see the value of this if you wanted to search specifically from one user to another, or other very twitter specific operators, but 99% of the time the site:twitter.com/{username} search works quite well.

  • http://almightylink.ksablan.com/ Kevin Sablan

    Thanks again for another useful post, Danny. For what it’s worth, Snap Bird – http://snapbird.org – also lets you search for tweets past the week or so that Twitter Search provides. Unfortunately, it does not have robust advanced search options.