• Shyam Kapur

    Am I missing something? Perhaps you are running out of things to write. For at least 6 months, it has been impossible to go back and find tweets older than a week through search in Twitter whether you use their web interface or any of the API’s they provide.

  • @glyka

    If you want to keep a record of your tweets and search for an old one in the future, I suggest you use the RSS located on your twitter profile page, this way they can be downloaded to your Google Reader or something. Or you can also do it through friendfeed.

    For searching twitter hashtags or keywords we will have to stick with the google and bing search :(

  • http://www.michael-martinez.com/ Michael Martinez

    I’ve been aware of the limitation for several months as well. I merely assumed the people at Twitter didn’t consider the old tweets to be relevant to current searches. I’m not sure what the value in providing a full index would be to users.

  • http://lisapadilla lisapadilla

    A very informative post, thank you.

    I too was frustrated with this problem for a long time, with a lot of services. Grabbit.net, a company I founded, is about to release a product which allows you to read Facebook, Twitter, RSS, and email — saves all of it — and allows you to search across it all too. For now, this service is free. If you’re interested in kicking the tires on the pre-release, email info at grabbit dot net and I’ll send you an invite.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/BarbChamberlain BarbChamberlain

    Just what I needed! I have specific tweets I use in presentations but some of my examples are getting a bit old. Unfortunately I didn’t do a screen capture when I should have, and now can’t page back far enough to get them.

    However, this didn’t work for me in looking for a really old tweet (August 2009) even though I know the account name and exact wording.I hope Google catches up with the old stuff. Frustrating, given that we worry about things living online forever, when I can’t find something I know was there!

    For tweets from the account I manage for work, I use backupmytweets.com in order to create an archive (we’re a public institution & have records retention requirements).

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