• http://www.directresponse.net Dave

    I enjoyed reading this article, Derek.

    Content curation is an idea very new to me. I was interested in reading up on it and did a little background research on my own as well.

    I seems to be a very efficient way of staying relevant. Many people don’t want to discuss repetitive or old news, so establishing a solid content curation base will drive interaction.

  • http://www.scoop.it Guillaume Decugis

    Great article Derek. Very neat articulation of the subject. Thanks!

    One of the things we’ve seen people or businesses struggle with when starting their content curation efforts is “how do I find great content to curate?”. As you said, one need to avoid “content without purpose” and not everyone has properly organized their content watch by ropic etc…

    To solve that, one of the unique feature we’ve built in Scoop.it (the publishing-by-curation platform that I run) is a crawling engine that makes suggestions of content relevant to the topic they’ve chosen. Of course they’re free to add any web page but thanks to this, they never lack inspiration which helps them get started and avoid losing time.

    We’re still in private beta but happy to hand out invites if you or some of your readers are interested in trying out. Email me at guillaume at scoop.it.