• ezekiel_e

    This is something that is good to know. Our Photography company has invested so much capital into PPC campaigns. Thank you for the valuable info


  • http://twitter.com/skellyoverdrive Shane Kelly

    I couldn’t agree more! The only “improvement” will be to Google’s bottom line.

  • Terry Whalen

    Neil – here here. Very well said. This move by Google is absurd.

  • Terry Whalen

    p.s. I signed the petition yesterday – folks, sign the petition!

  • http://twitter.com/TylerHakes Tyler Hakes

    Neil, thanks for posting this.

    I think it’s no secret at this point that “Enhanced Campaigns” are simply a cash grab for Google to boost its mobile advertising revenues. I’m honestly not surprised at the move, but I think they’ve miscalculated the impact it will have on advertisers in general.

    Most of the accounts that I manage already hang on to pretty narrow margins. If I lose the ability to target and optimize their campaigns, then advertising will just become unprofitable for them, plain and simple. The appeal of AdWords has always been that its measurable cost-controlled. I sell the pinpoint targeting and positive ROI to clients, and Google is making moves to dismantle that core benefit.

    I signed the petition and sharing it with friends. Hope we can make a difference.


  • http://twitter.com/iNeils Neil Sorenson

    Tyler, Thanks for your comments. I think you summed up pretty nicely what many PPC’ers are fearing. Google can’t necessarily control when new advertisers come to the market, which can drive up costs. But when updates from Adwords HQ threaten to inherently worsen costs, that’s a totally different hell. And a frustrating one at that.

  • Kevin Chamberlin

    es lets all step up again and sign the petition and get this changed the way it should be.

  • andrekibbe

    Even ZAGG’s campaign would be suboptimal under the new mobile targeting regime, since it drops the ability to select operating systems. So advertisers of iOS products will have to pay for clicks from Kindle Fire users (theoretically unlikely, but anyone who’s looked at their Keywords tab has surely seen clicks on all kinds of unrelated keywords).

  • http://www.facebook.com/dustin.donham Dustin Donham

    Cheers We’ve been “Scroogled” yet again!

  • Lillian B. Fleming

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  • http://twitter.com/r_bruss Ryan Bruss

    Hi, Neil. You have chosen to add some numbers about how much things were improved, but have failed to included any information about the accuracy of those numbers, standard measures of error in your sampling, or details on your methods. I, therefore, do not trust them or have confidence that your analysis is sound.

  • Lauren

    If I can’t manage those bids separately there’s no way I can remain profitable, so looks like I’ll be bidding mobile down -100%. Sad that the loss of my $600K mobile budget is just peanuts compared to what they’ll gain from this!

    Petition signed & fingers crossed.

  • http://twitter.com/Mel66 Melissa Mackey

    Great post, Neil. You’ve done a good job of outlining why this is a bad move for sophisticated advertisers.
    One thing you didn’t mention is the fact that we’ll no longer be able to set separate budgets for mobile campaigns. It’s not unusual for larger advertisers to have completely different and distinct budgets for mobile initiatives – and now it’ll be very difficult to not only optimize mobile campaigns, but control the amount spent on them. We can hope that the bid management platforms will come up with a workaround, but for those who don’t use bid management software, this will be a nightmare.

  • http://twitter.com/iNeils Neil Sorenson

    Thanks Melissa, I think as time goes on we’ll discover more and more ways in which Enhanced Campaigns could affect our accounts. I hope we find that some of those effects will be positive, but fear that more of them will hurt our campaigns. What’s funny is that I’m sure one of the biggest complaints about device targeting was that it almost necessitated bid management. If bid management ultimately provides some workarounds the full circle will be amusing to watch.

  • http://twitter.com/iNeils Neil Sorenson

    Hi Ryan, I totally understand why you would feel that way. I too am a stickler about data, how it’s collected, statistical relevance, etc. For that reason I made the comments that my examples were “anecdotal at best.” Perhaps in another post I’ll dive into the statistical side of the discussion but this article was more of an “instant reaction.”

  • http://twitter.com/iNeils Neil Sorenson

    Thanks, Robert!

  • markbuehner

    Really forcing us to create distinct mobile and tablet campaigns and manage them. There is one silver lining for those that do want to go along with the enhancement program- separating out quality score according to platform.