• nathanziarek

    I think Android will “win” and be installed on more devices, but you can’t count an Android tablet that doesn’t exist and then not count the AppleTV that does exist but runs different software.

    I’ve often wondered why Apple doesn’t release an iPhoneOS for AppleTV and open a specific App Store, but you have to think they could without a tremendous amount of work.

    Should they, Apple would find themselves up millions of units (I’d think, don’t know the sales numbers) on Google TV. It wouldn’t last, but it’d slow the growth of Google TV and take some of the sizzle away.

  • dcdjason

    The benefit of a separate iPad or smart phone is that I can do my own thing while watching TV with my wife and kids. I don’t want the internet on my TV. I’m hoping Google TV will make it easier to bring a personalized selection of shows from broadcast, cable, the web, Netflix, etc. Tivo does a pretty good job of this – Digg Reel shows up in my Now Showing list along with 30 Rock or the Daily Show. Netflix is one click away but I’m afraid that Tivo does not have the resources to bring it to the next level.

    I agree that Android will be on more installed devices. Whether it can win the hearts and minds of consumers like Apple remains to be seen.

  • http://www.jv21.com/ jovike

    Not sure about this, because the sofa is typically a long way from the sofa while the iPad is in one’s lap. I know which I’d rather type into.

    Re. Apple TV: Yes it is good having the Internet on a TV. Sometimes we will watch YouTube all night on the big screen, or I like to watch Flickr sets with my own music – better than TV!

    One final objection:Yes, everyone has a TV but do they want to replace it now? In the UK many people have just replaced their old boxy CRT tellies with flat screen jobbies. Their next refresh is a few years off.