• http://www.stevenleonardtaylor.com StevenLeonard Taylor

    Excellent article, but I think the piece needs to go further. It’s the ones who own analytics that will be the cornerstone of marketing/media planning. Search just happens to be the most common gateway to that arena.

  • http://www.brianfosse.com brianfosse

    AdWords is the arena of the search marketer. AdWords started with text, but has recently become the foundation for display and video ads. As long as Google continues to utilize AdWords as the foundation of their programs then the search marketer’s house will continue to grow.

  • http://www.chango.com Dax Hamman

    @StevenLeonard Thanks for the comment. This is going to be a regular feature and so I will look to explore that topic further. Thanks for reading :)

  • http://www.chango.com Dax Hamman

    @brianfosse Agreed. AdWords was the easy path into display for most search marketers, and so we encourage them to keep building functionality. We find they get started with some site targeting and some site retargeting, and then come looking for other things that can be effective / more effective.

    SEM marketers love search retargeting, and we love search marketers!