Dax Hamman

Dax Hamman

Digital marketer and co-founder of 3 awesome daughters. Chief Revenue Officer / Chief Strategy Officer and member of the Founding Team at Chango, the solution to programmatic marketing and 'big data'. Living on a plane between San Francisco, Denver, Toronto, London and beyond. Prior, I founded and led the iCrossing / Hearst global Media group, developing the concept of 'performance display', an innovative planning strategy that drove significant ROI from display advertising for some of the world's largest and coolest brands. Chango provides simple and effective Solutions for marketers in an era of real-time media and big data. Our proprietary platform, Chango Madison, combines the data management capabilities of a DMP (Data Management Platform) with the media buying capabilities of a DSP (Demand Side Platform) allowing for a truly Programmatic approach to both segmentation and media buying across Display, Mobile, Social & Web. Our clients include the world's largest brands & agencies, including 75 of the top 500 retailers, which has helped fuel 600%+ growth year over year for the last 2 years. We have offices in New York, Toronto, London, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Atlanta and Dallas. The blood flows in pixels!


How Search Retargeting Kick Started The Programmatic Marketing Revolution

Buzz word or not, “programmatic marketing” is here to stay. Those CMOs who’ve embraced it have largely found their spend is more efficient, their targeting is more accurate, their customers are happier, and they have insights that were unheard of just a few years ago. But, programmatic marketing had a surprising start, coming in part […]


Programmatic Attribution Modeling – Don’t Just Measure, Execute

The goal behind an attribution model is to understand how all of your marketing touch-points fit together, showing you which dollars are working the hardest, and subsequently allowing you to make smarter decisions next time around. Sounds simple, right? Actually, it’s very far from simple, and is actually the wrong goal to be aiming for. […]


Study: What Actual Marketers Feel About Retargeting, FBX & More

I have very strong opinions about retargeting, as regular readers will know! Marketers seem to be on a crazy high these days, obsessed with the idea that their path to success is to spend more on site retargeting and keep finding ways to increase their audience pool or boost frequency caps to obscene levels. More […]


3 Real-Life ‘Programmatic’ Executions & What They Mean To You

Firstly, as a quick refresher, the terms ‘big data’ and ‘programmatic’ sound more complex than they are! In my last article, Why Do Big Data & Programmatic Marketing Actually Matter?, I described how big data can simply be thought of as ‘more data,’ and that having more data makes us smarter marketers. Using more data […]


Why Do Big Data & Programmatic Marketing Actually Matter?

Did you know 2.5 quintillion bytes (25,000,000,000,000,000,000) of digital data is created every single day, the majority being centered around you? Every day, we send 145bn emails, 340m tweets and 2 million searches queries to Google. But, there is also the more invisible footprints you leave as you go about your day swiping your credit […]


What Is The Facebook Exchange Opportunity?

Welcome to 2013 folks, the year that programmatic marketing and big data will dominate the thoughts of smart marketers, now with the additive known as FBX, or the Facebook Exchange. Anything this big and new is bound to cause disruption, and therefore opportunity, and so let’s look at how you can take advantage of it. […]


Would You Pass The End Of Year Digital Marketing Quiz?

2012 has been another big year for digital. And in such a fast changing industry, how do we really expect everyone to keep up? Being ahead of the game on the topics that matter will put you head and shoulders above the competition, so take the quiz below and see how you would fare. Then […]


The Most Frequently Asked Questions In Search Retargeting

Since we first brought true Search Retargeting to the market several years ago, we have seen a shift in the questions that prospects want answers to. Two years ago, the market was fuelled by excitement and intrigue, ‘how does it work?’, ‘how much does it cost?’ and ‘how do we get started?’. But driven in […]


Search Retargeting: The Must-Have Media Tactic For Q4

As we rapidly enter the busiest period for the year for retailers, many are turning to Search Retargeting as the keystone for their digital marketing programs. Whereas in Q4 2011 many dipped a toe into the pixeled waters to test out its effectiveness, this year they have embraced it at scale. In its simplest form, […]


The Simple Truths About Why Retargeting Is Broken

As a parental co-founder (or dad) of 3 girls, I often have to teach them hard truths for their own good – ‘no, your science experiment can’t be asking your sister to stick a fork in an outlet’, ‘no, you can’t marry your 8 year old boyfriend’ and ‘you are absolutely not going out in that!’. […]


View-Through Attribution For The Search Marketer

Ah view-through! Rarely does a topic in our industry solicit as much debate as this seemingly innocent metric. Display planners rely on it, search marketers don’t trust it (but would secretly love to get credit for it from PPC), and the clients are confused and uncertain. When 3 CMOs all asked for help on this […]


A Different Type Of Industry Confession – Or A Rant?

There has been a fascinating and brilliant series of secret confessions taking place over on Digiday, and everyone from a ‘startup CEO’ to a ‘junior copywriter’ has had their turn. Some have criticized what seems to be mostly negative commentary that paints a picture of everyone being unhappy, underpaid and cheating their way through the […]


How To Sell Search Retargeting To The CMO

Whether you are a search marketer or a display planner, chances are you now know what search retargeting is and are contemplating a test (for those of you not familiar, search retargeting is a display media buy that focuses on just those individuals who have searched for something that matters to you but who haven’t […]


Do Search & Display Really Belong Together?

The premise is simple – PPC and display are both media buys trying to achieve similar outcomes; both are forms of ‘bought media’ and now with display moving to a biddable environment both now require quantitative skill sets to manage them. It’s not a tough sell to convince a budget holder that a single agency […]


Four Things You Need To Know About Search Retargeting

In two very short years, search retargeting has been created, tweaked and matured to the point where most serious marketers already have it on their media plans or are considering it for a 2012 test. In short, search retargeting finds those individuals who have searched for a term that matters to your business but who […]


Why Search Marketers Are Losing Out With Search Retargeting

Search retargeting finds those individuals who have searched on Google, Yahoo! or Bing for a keyword that matters to your campaign, but who have not visited your site before. Unlike site retargeting that talks only to those people who have abandoned the site without competing an action, search retargeting is for new customer generation. Arguably […]


2012 Is The Year To Cut Your Site Retargeting Budget

Having made the switch from ‘agency guy’ to ‘vendor guy’ a year ago, I have talked to dozens of agencies in the last 12 months and have been completely blown away by the vast quantity of media dollars that are being poured into bad site retargeting programs. Good money is disappearing into irrelevant impressions to […]


4 New Year’s Resolutions Every Digital Marketer Can’t Live Without

Over the last 6 months in this column we have looked at all aspects of the overlap between search and display, from why search marketers could take over the world media budgets of the future, to advanced methods for retargeting and simple alternatives to attribution modeling. So to round out the year, we revisit the […]


The Industry Speaks On The Overlap Between Search & Display

We talk a lot in the digital industry about the overlap between search media and display media, and how when planned and operated in unison, there is a 1+1=3 benefit model that magically appears, resulting in higher returns than could be generated by those channels on their own. But does this overlap really exist, and […]


5 Simple Steps To Stop Wasting Budget With Poor Retargeting

Is this really another article about retargeting? Absolutely, but with very good reason – whilst marketers think retargeting (or remarketing) is an obvious and established practice, many are still failing to get it anywhere near right, and are actually harming their campaigns by doing it badly. A few months ago in this column, we explored […]

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3 Simple Alternatives To Attribution Modeling For Search Marketers

In the recent articles Why Search Marketers Are The Future Media Planners and How to Maximize SEM Efforts with Search Retargeting, we discussed how search marketers are ideally positioned to own a larger portion of the total media budget because the skills needed to buy display media are becoming more and more quantitative, just like SEM. Techniques […]


How To Maximize SEM Efforts With Search Retargeting

Last month, we discussed how display media has evolved to be more quantitative in Why Search Marketers Are The Future Media Planners, and ironically, how the skillset held by search marketers has become more relevant to display media than the skill set held by current media planners. Using the real-time environment of the media exchanges, ‘search […]


Why Search Marketers Are The Future Media Planners

Chalk and cheese? Oil and water? Facebook users and MySpace users? Just how different are search marketers and display advertisers? Just three years ago, these two groups of people would be completely segmented, often sitting at opposite ends of an agency office, rarely collaborating on projects and with a slight dislike of each other. Their […]

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