• http://www.seoh.co.uk William Gomes

    Absolutely great post here, Andy very interesting to see Google taking on some of Yandex’s innovations something that I guess I could not of found else where.

    I did a article once (not the best one) about search quality between Google, Yahoo & Bing. I may add Yandex into the mix now and face off with Google. Today I did very few but some tests on search quality with Yandex and Google on some terms and found Yandex’s quality far superior (in UK results) so il probably run these tests again and note your article if thats ok with you.

    How did you come to meet Ilya Segalovich or was it just through online ways?

    Either way great post, great to see some story and interesting statistics rather than just search news.

  • http://searchengineland.com Andy Atkins-Krüger

    Thanks for your supportive comments William. I’ve been covering Yandex for quite some time – this piece was written following a visit to their head office in central Moscow.

  • dashesy

    With Google becomming more and more bandwidth hungry, cluttered, slow and buggy, it was refreshing to update my homepage to Yandex to find the good old simple search experience.