Adam Sherk

Adam Sherk

Adam Sherk is VP SEO and Social Media for Define Media Group, the enterprise audience development and search marketing company. Adam blogs about SEO, PR and social media at

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5 Ways To Better Integrate Social Media & Enterprise SEO

Social media has a direct and indirect impact on SEO but few large organizations are integrating the two as well as they should. At the enterprise level, the two disciplines actually have a lot in common beyond the strategic and tactical crossover. Like SEO, social media cannot be segmented as a separate activity or fully […]


How To Get Past 9 Common Enterprise SEO Roadblocks

Managing an enterprise SEO program is like trying to get something pushed through the UN: lots of conflicting agendas, language barriers and procedural issues. You’ll get there eventually but you are in for a long, slow haul. The good news is the main obstacles are fairly universal and there are ways to overcome them. To […]


Large-Scale Content Optimization Tactics For Enterprise Sites

For large organizations, keeping a close watch on keyword targeting and on-page optimization across an entire site or network of sites is not an easy task. At the enterprise level, a single site can have millions or tens of millions of pages, and larger organizations such as news publishers may have 20-30 different sites or […]

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