• http://www.garthobrien.com/ Garth O’Brien


    I agree with you 100%. I had the fortunate experience of working with a company years ago that had a fractured approach to online marketing. I hustled to bring all those components under one umbrella in addition to SEM. When one team was responsible for all of those channels we started seeing incredible gains (i.e. leads, traffic, brand exposure).

    At my current consulting gig I work with various Fortune 100 companies that utilize the fractured approach and it can be painful. Sometimes that approach is a necessary evil to a lack of budget or lack of understanding how all those components compliment one another.

    The worst situation is when each owner religiously works in a silo because working collaboratively “might” cause a turf war. With the convergence of Social Media and SEO it will be interesting to see how those working environments play out. Companies will lose big if their SEO and SM people refuse to work together.

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com Nick Stamoulis

    Keeping marketing efforts in separate silos will stifle an overall marketing initiative. All marketing should be integrated. Another common issue with enterprise online marketing efforts is that there is too much red tape. The approval process for publishing content or posting something in social media can really slow down progress.

  • Pat

    Client noindex’d their site, I asked “why?”, and heard just an echo… :-) So much to learn, it often overwhelms.