• http://www.jansieblom.co.za/ Jansie Blom

    OK, I can understand that in-store handling of products aren’t that important. However, I’ve recently bought items online, only to be disappointed by the size of the items I ordered. (One was a coffee plunger stating that it’s good for three cups; they didn’t mention that they’re referring to hobbit cups.)

    Also, I would most probably NEVER buy clothes online. If two shops I recently visited can’t even decide what XXL really should be, how on earth will an online shop convey that info to me correctly?

    I learnt from that experience that, once our own online store is up and running, I’ll make sure the buyer knows EVERY little fact about each product, no matter how insignificant it may seem to us.

  • Nathan Safran

    Awesome that you are applying the lessons you have learned in your own buying experiences to your own online store. That’s how you satisfy customers, and, ultimately, build a brand.

  • http://www.jansieblom.co.za/ Jansie Blom


    And thanks for the post. Very informative.

  • Chris Koszo

    #1 is obvious, isn’t it? Social isn’t about pushing the sale, but I think it’s a great place to put your artistic advertising and Madmen type campaigns at. People like to discover things themselves and social is a great place for that. You don’t close on social or you seem desperate.

  • Nathan Safran


    Agreed, but as social has developed and consumer uptake has increased we’ve been told that it will fundamentally change the way we shop online–that consumers will turn to their social networks prior to making purchases.

    The data shows–both Conductors and Paragos–that if that will eventually happen, it hasn’t happened yet.

  • Chris Koszo

    I agree with you. Also, I think it depends on the product as well and how strong of a social community one is a part of. Facebook rolling out a more useful Graph Search with a better algorithm should be a significant step due a decent-sized community most users have on there.

    P.S. Here’s a cool video for some entertainment, now this is some “social” media literally and figuratively : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYbe-35_BaA

  • badphairy

    I do indeed buy clothes online, because I buy men’s pants, which are simply actual measurements. Now I don’t have to deal with the Vampire Mommies/Wives who stare at me in the store for daring DARING to shop in the “male” section. Screw you, b****es.

    I don’t buy backpacks online because finding one that really will take a 17 in laptop with an extra-large battery is nearly impossible.