• http://homeopathyworldcommunity.com DebbyBruck

    Very nice presentation and good advice. I especially liked your chart comparison of ways to reach target audience, with internet in Green shooting up ahead of others. Debby

  • http://ConversionScientist.com Brian Massey


    I’m glad you liked this. I love examples from industries outside fashion and electronics.

    Interesting that you zeroed in on the customer source comparison chart. I don’t see how anyone could look at a chart like that and remain complacent about their Web efforts. Yet, I suspect that most industries would see a similar effect if someone did the research.

    Thanks for the comment.


  • crimsongirl

    I also like examples outside fashion and electronics.

    Another interesting company that uses the web to match customers in the storage industry is Spare Foot.

  • http://ConversionScientist.com Brian Massey


    Sparefoot.com is an Austin company, and I’m familiar with them. Sparefoot and competitor Storitz.com have a fundamental disadvantage: They are aggregators, and can’t affect the pricing and business strategy like Extra Space can as a management company. Sparefoot can innovate in the user experience, much as Hipmunk.com did with airline tickets — I love their interface.

    So far, Sparefoot and Storitz have remarkably similar search results pages, but this may be what is testing well for them.

    Thanks for the comment.


  • http://www.tronjordheim.com/ tron jordheim

    I like the term “Jumper” . It gives you the feel of the effort, grace and abandon it takes to move ahead of the pack. HUP

  • http://www.facebook.com/ConfluenceDigital C.D.

    Great article. Couldn’t agree with you more. One of the issues we see at Confluence Digital is a reluctance of clients to make “the Jump.” Meaning we get the heads nodding in agreement during the meeting, but when it comes to embracing a testing culture with actions, they become paralyzed. I wish there was some antidote for fear of failure. If we could only embrace the idea that there is more to be learned from failure than success (who questions if something works?) then we’d be on our way.

    Last comment, being a Jumper doesn’t mean embracing testing and data analysis as generated by web activitiies only. Data is generated throughout an organization; up, down and across every segment. All should be collecting data, measuring and testing it with a goal of learning in the pursuit of optimization.

  • http://ethervision.net Randall Cross

    Great article Brian. Well thought out and well written. I think the aggregators lost a huge step in this and many other industries last fall when Google changed its algorithm again. Google is always going to try and pair the best, local search results (the business) with the search. Google local has never been more important.

  • http://www.tronjordheim.com/ tron jordheim

    C.D. I deal with a lot of real estate people. The ones who see the internet as “real estate” understand that you have to get your location situated and then do everything you can to attract traffic and get those passers-by to stop and shop. …but it is tough to get people to jump. Remember the first time you jumped off the meter high board at the summmer pool?

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/hakukonemarkkinointi hakukonemarkkinointi

    The information in Figure 3 is really interesting. Local search visitors convert better than paid search visitors?