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Brian Massey is the Conversion Scientist at Conversion Sciences and author of Your Customer Creation Equation: Unexpected Website Forumulas of The Conversion Scientist. Follow Brian at The Conversion Scientist blog and on Twitter @bmassey


6 Evolutionary Phases Of The Online Marketer

We online marketers can get a little full of ourselves. Those of us who strive to educate others about our craft can get preachy about the “right way” to bring traffic to websites and optimize that traffic for conversions. However, like those we are educating, we ourselves have evolved (and are still evolving) throughout our […]

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Five Ways To Flip Your Copywriting For Higher Conversion Rates

When faced with creating a conversion-focused SEO landing page, what should our copy focus on? There are so many things we can do — so many directions we can go — that it becomes hard to know what to choose. Do I go with statistics or stories? Facts or feelings? Data or discounts? If one of these is […]


5 Simple Ways To Debug Your Google Analytics Installation

As you might guess, we QA a lot of Google Analytics installs. It is often a maddening task that makes you want to “gaq.” However, there are some nice tools that go a long way toward making life easier. If you are questioning the data you’re getting out of Google Analytics; if your e-commerce reporting […]

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Why You Should Give Some Of Your PPC Spend To A Conversion Optimizer

You may find the subject of this column a bit self-serving, since I am a conversion optimizer. Well, it is. But, I hope to provide some basic math that will support my claims. If you’re spending money on a pay-per-click campaign or spending someone else’s money on a pay-per-click campaign, you should give some of […]

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TEES Your Visitors For Higher Conversion Rates

We model our online prospects with a number of different funnels, paths, flows and journeys. There is the classic AIDA sales funnel (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action). There is the Brad Geddes search funnel (Awareness, Interest, Learn, Shop, Buy). Joseph Jaffe Flipped the Funnel. Dave Evans added the social cloud to the funnel. For me, it […]

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If Your Landing Page Could Talk, What Would It Say?

I am a landing page. My job is to greet you when you click on ads, email links and social media posts. You will find me by scanning a QR code. You come to me because you want something. You have requested my presence on your screen by taking a very specific action, and you […]

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The Value Proposition Test: What Is Your Page’s Caption?

There is nothing more important to your search success than your value proposition. Go ahead. Click away. I know you probably don’t spend much of your time on such things. It’s all keywords and copy, copy and keywords. Yet, keywords and ad copy only get you so far. For your visitors, these answer the question, why am […]

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4 Anti-Science Marketing Attitudes That Keep Us In The Stone Ages

Are we hiding from science? As I write this, we have all let our breath out having learned the outcome of a presidential election and countless congressional races. Now that the task of getting elected is behind us, it is time to examine a bastion of political debate: bashing science. Shawn Lawrence Otto writing in […]

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Can You Really Increase Conversions By Decreasing Engagement?

Engagement is a magnetic “measure” of online effectiveness. You might call it an “engaging” metric. This is because it is a nice stand-in when real measures of sales, leads or subscriptions are too difficult to track or deliver disappointing results. “No, we didn’t increase sales, but look at the engagement!” is the mantra. The definition […]

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The E-commerce Product Video That Increases Revenue Per Visit

Which video recipe will make your cash register ring more often and more loudly? It was the end of a 12-hour video shoot. We had heard the same song over and over, about 200 times. Our model had just finished dancing in 24 outfits, having completing over 150 identically executed squats as part of her routine. […]

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3 Parts Of A Complete B2B Search Landing Page

The ellipsis, or “…” is a written construct that means “you fill in the missing part.” In a quote, it means “something is missing here.” The Chicago Manual of Style states, “Ellipsis points suggest faltering or fragmented speech accompanied by confusion, insecurity, distress, or uncertainty.” Compare this to the period, or “.”. A period says, […]

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Use Open Graph To Get Video Thumbnails Into Your Search Results

Joel Harvey is, among other things, the Video Scientist at Conversion Sciences. Over the past four years, he has developed video strategies for a large number of online retailers. We’ve found that video is great for drawing and converting qualified search traffic, so I asked Joel to tell us his tricks for getting video ranked […]


How To Get Management Excited About Conversion Optimization

As search marketers, your job is to generate traffic. More traffic means more sales. As we become more wise to the math of conversion, we begin to realize that it may make sense to shift some attention away from the unending search for higher click-through rates and toward getting higher conversion rates on our sites. […]

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5 Ways Conversion Takes Market Share Like Candy From A Baby

They are out there, and they are not nice. They seek to take food from the mouths of your children and to put your career at risk. They are your online competitors, and they won’t think twice about leaving you crying helplessly as they eat your ice cream cone. In every industry, at least one […]


Advanced Landing Page Techniques: Searcher Personas

There are a million rules for search landing page design. You have to optimize the content and decide whether more stuff is better or worse for conversion. But it’s all moot unless your focus is on getting into the head of your customers. Searcher personas are the tool that delivers clarity as you develop ads […]


Hack Your Web Developer’s Questionnaire For Higher Conversion

I was recently asked by a prospect to help them complete a website design questionnaire, the document utilized by design firms that drives the design of a website. The company doing the redesign of this site specializes in e-commerce sites, so I had expected their questionnaire to focus on conversion, business goals, etc. I was […]

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How To Design Your Website For Dollars, Not Your Ego

My partner Joel Harvey is fond of saying, “My favorite part of a design is the money.” He’s been part of many a web design project. His perspective comes in response to the number of times he’s heard things like: “I want the design to pop!” “I want my site’s design to be groundbreaking like […]

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The Neuroscience Of Search & Conversion

The one thing all of your search traffic brings with it is a human brain. It’s easy to think that our search visitors aren’t coming with any brain at all. How can they possibly decide against what we have to offer? If they weren’t going to take action, why click on the ad? It turns […]

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Four Things You Can Do With Inconclusive Split Tests

There is a certain sound a teenager makes when confronted with a choice they aren’t interested in making. It is a sonic mix of indecision, ambivalence, condescension and that sound your finger makes when you pet a frog. It is less committal than a shrug, less positive than a “Yes,” less negative than a “No” […]

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