• Pat Grady

    “survey found that more than half (56%) of small business owners do not measure results from their marketing.”
    Wow, how small are these small businesses?

  • http://www.bluecorona.com/ Ben Landers

    @patgrady:disqus You’re surprised by the results? I work with businesses of all sizes and I’d say that fewer than 10% _accurately_ track their marketing results (i.e. asking people how they heard about or found you is a joke).

  • Alex Joll

    Wow, great facts and figures that totally back up what most marketers know – The number 1 business concern is getting more customers, but businesses are not willing to commit money to this.

  • Chris Reed

    Asking people how they found you is often inaccurate – they may say ‘online’ but have been told by a friend to search you, they may have seen a billboard, direct mail, print etc – ideally it’s a little more robust that how did you find us – although, somewhere to start!

    Some good practical tips – if I could add just one more, action. The best laid plans are, well, the best – but without action they will yield nothing.

  • OHDesign3

    Thanks, Wesley. This is a clear and informative piece that helps prioritize the many – and sometimes overwhelming – options available to those who are just getting their online marketing efforts up to speed.

  • Andy Hall

    Thanks for this Wesley.
    Frightening figures; 1 in 4 business do not invest in marketing yet this is the #1 concern.
    Great news for Marketers who could be using this data in their own presentations to customers.
    I wonder what the result would be like on a local level (Northern UK for me).
    Great article.

  • Dan Ramthun

    Good article… with one exception, In Tip #4 – Check Up On Your
    Listings. Always a good idea, but the services listed are not always
    accurate, in fact Yext is historically inaccurate. Readers should also
    be warned that registering with Yext to get their very inaccurate report
    will likely result in getting spammed and harassed with phone calls to buy their services!

    A better way, just Google your phone number and check your results there.

  • Roger McMannis

    I have to agree with Alex, in working with smaller business based clients, it always comes down to committing enough money to achieve their goals for the year. They know they need to step up, but struggle with the idea.

  • Susanne Lumsden

    Great round-up. Re ‘Ensure that Your Website is Mobile-optimised’ there’s a new automated tool called Device Lab, http://snippets.hubspot.com/hubspot-device-lab from Hubspot. It’s still in beta but seems to work fine to me.

    The other thought for business owners is to take a direct interest in their website, ie not leave it entirely in the hands of designers/developers. I blog about this at http://www.improveyourwebsite.co.uk.

    Susanne Lumsden

  • http://www.massive.pr/ Brook Zimmatore

    Great solution to the negative reviews if they get out of hand is just to get them removed. I found that small businesses will go to the web and post fake negative reviews just to get one up on local business.

  • David Williams

    As I prepare for my 2014 online marketing strategy, your post is much appreciated. It’s not surprising that 56% don’t measure results from marketing, but I still don’t get why they do not. I find out how every contact found me except for one weird call the other day :-)