• http://MichaelHolloway Michael Holloway

    Great article, nicely researched. Enjoyed reading it.

    In one case you pointed to:
    Phillips Russell PhD
    Philemon Russell House

    It looks like the parsing software has a great deal of info to look through – so it’s been told to drill only so deep in names (as names are very similar) that are associated with things, with-in a shell of associated places, with-in another shell of associated links – and ultimately reliable Content – thus the Wikipedia connection.

    My head is telling me the other examples you point to are corollary to this theme.

    P.S. I expect Google analytics will read this article and manipulate the software so it doesn’t SEO next week; and thus Wikipedia won’t be inundated by an avalanche of business entries. ;)

    Way to disrupt!

    Michael Holloway

  • http://smart-keywords.com Aussiewebmaster

    Without a doubt the best article I have read here in a long time. The information and research is impressive. Well done mate.

  • thekohser

    This was a fantastic article — very nice, with all the screen shots and such. I know how long it takes to hone a really nice post like this.

    Okay… My small business has an article on Wikipedia — see “MyWikiBiz” there. The article is even geo-tagged with latitude/longitude coordinates. But, for some reason, I cannot seem to make Google Maps recognize with a familiar “W” icon the Wikipedia layer for my business on the map.

    I have $10 waiting here for the first person who can make that happen for me. I suspect it’s something just a bit “wrong” in the Wikipedia-based geo-coding, but that’s just a hunch. I really don’t know why.

  • thekohser

    Ah-ha! This might have something to do with it. What if your longitude is messed up and showing “positive” (east), rather than “negative” (west)? You get results like this:


    LaSalle University is not in China.

  • http://www.thefullwiki.org orchycore

    This site does things the other way round: Putting all locations for a given Wikipedia article on a Google Map. http://www.thefullwiki.org