• Nick Drewe

    Despite a Google policy not allowing publishers to place similar looking arrows around the ad unit, I still think these are misleading and will possibly lead to an increase in accidental clicks on mobile and tablet devices.

    Navigating to the right (the turning of a page) is the natural flow through content on these devices. I think many crafty advertisers will take advantage of a well placed ad unit to encourage accidental, or unintended clicks.

  • http://www.pluswriter.com/ dirk041

    Hopefully more people interested to click it…^_^

  • http://twitter.com/askppc Cleofe Betancourt

    The placement of the arrows will likely increase the number of incidental clicks, as mentioned by Nick Drewe below. I’m curious; Will clicking the arrows be the only way to visit the advertiser websites?

  • http://ftc.gov/ MonopolizedSearch

    Those are some ugly arrows. In fact, the ugliness of the arrows overtakes the title of the ad. A real turnoff in my opinion.

  • Techpm

    The arrows are terrible and confusing as it mixes with site navigation. Ending up on wrong sites is the sort of thing that makes my blood boil AND A REASON WHY I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING THAT IS ADVERTISED THIS WAY.