• http://fastcall411.com Rich Rosen

    Interesting that Goog kills 1800-Goog-411 the same quarter that is releases call tracking. If and when Goog releases call recording and transcription, the Goog411 archive will be a treasure trove. Also – a Goog411-type experience is interesting for merchants who fail to answer a (tracked) call. Google would know the geography and category and could easily reroute the call to a more responsive merchant.

  • Shredhead

    WOW. Huge implications here. I guess it was just a matter of time.

    This was one of the major unique value-add features that Google resellers had – and it’s now being diluted along with many other components of their business model. This, along with easier self-serve ad tools like Tags, the new Place Pages and their renewed advertising campaign targeting SMBs spells disaster for the AdWords Partners, and IYP’s in paticular, don’t you think?.

  • bgiffuni

    @Shredhead I Would say that it will transform the AdWords partners mentality, your clients will still hire you for your knowledge and creativity, they still need the partner that tells them that they can track the phone calls and how to improve the user experience. I feel that actually makes an AdWords certified person more valuable for the overall marketing mix and not only the PPC guys.
    What about conversion metrics for the incoming calls? how can be tracked? how to follow up, how to make sure your phone service is useful and have complete knowledge of the site and it applications.
    I agree that’s something think about on how to evolve.

  • http://www.crearecommunications.co.uk/ KJ

    Thanks tor the heads-up on this. Calls can be tricky to pin down but this should help show a client what’s working and what isn’t. Call transcription will offer so much potential.

  • nicm

    check out http://lytiks.com/call-tracking. We already do call tracking with real-time call recording coupled with free goal-based web analytics so you can correlate conversions with web activity.