• jhuman

    Great way for local promotions to SERP but how do you get small businesses owners/customers to adapt?

  • http://www.catalystemarketing.com/ Linda Buquet

    Great points Chris! I’ve thought about this, but I’m not really a check in type person, so have not tried it for any of my Google Places clients.

    But it occurs to me that checkins are going to be more common/easier to get in certain markets than others. I can see people checking in to restaurants but not so much when they visit a Dentist. And customers don’t even go to the plumber or other service businesses so that segment for example, likely would not benefit unless they gamed it.

    But on the other hand IF it’s a ranking factor a Dentist for example, may only need to get a couple patients to check in to make a difference if no one else in his/her market is doing it.

  • http://silvery.com Chris Silver Smith

    Yes, I think some local ranking factors can tend to be specific to a particular type of business versus others. Like, contents of menus are only going to apply for restaurants, and amenities may only refer to accommodations.

    One thing I see happening is when businesses offer up some sort of special in relation to a checkin or for the “Mayor” or other top person checking in — discounts or minor freebies can really drive up check-ins.

    Also, for extremely hard businesses, I don’t think there are any rules about employees competing for most checkins — that could be another way to drive them up. Give the employee with the most checkins some award each month — a $10 Starbucks card or somesuch.

  • http://www.swiitapps.com L.L.

    Great post.

    Users checkin into places that they are happy to share. No user is going to go to a cheap greasy-spoon restaurant and checkin there if the food is not great. So yes, checkins have value.

  • http://www.biztag.com B.T.

    We have to believe that anything that involves activity within the web, google is running diagnostics on. Check-in’s, Scanning, Mobile, etc.. .