• http://www.bigdealpr.com/ CarriBugbee

    So, Bing caters to the Twitterati, which arguably includes early adopter and digital influentials. Smart idea. I know I’ll be experimenting with Bing more often now. I’m eager to find out just who Bing deems “prominent and prolific.” :-)


  • http://johnsantangelo.me johnsantangelo

    You know what else would be a smart move? Making the Bing search results not suck so hard.

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com nickstamoulis

    This is great news for Bing but they should have gone for less of the “cool” factor and more on improving their search/decision engine product!

  • http://m.orliac m.orliac

    I agree, and giving priority to the “cool”factor is not going to help getting better search results considering the amount of spam generated by Twitter. It is only going to make it more difficult for the Bing team!