• http://www.ditailz.com/ dare

    Hi Ginny, will this development give publishers more earning power? In the next few years, the synergy that Bing is doing with Facebook, Apple e.t.c. will ultimately end the dominance of Google in relation to earning power to publishers

  • Pat Grady

    What next, mouse billboards, keyboard tactile ads? And I seem to remember years ago, the merging of browser and OS and the forced selection of an engine… will there be a selector to choose an other-than-default search provider? Yeah, I’m just being negative this morning. :-)

  • Hostels

    Is that the search box where you search your own computer? If so, it looks like spyware — just like Ubuntu.

  • Gromanon

    Search is one of the most used functions in technology today. This integration just making it simple and far better way of searching than being have to open browser and type search engine and search query and go through list of dead URLs.
    This is Microsoft one-upping Google!

    P.S I am pretty sure all these new features can be changed or turned off at will

  • Gromanon

    Because Ubuntu sucks, in Windows 8.1 search is integrated in way unseen for! Don’t even compare it to anything! Try 8.1 and see for yourself. or read see some reviews

  • Hostels

    That’s silly. Ubuntu took a serious turn for the worse with their imitations of Apple and the integrated spyware, but it is still vastly better than Windows 8. Windows 8 is no better than Ubuntu from the spyware angle, and it is much worse than Ubuntu from the functionality angle.

  • Gromanon

    To be honest it all just comes down to what you do on your machine. Ubuntu is great as Web or Java developer’s OS. But for daily use I’d pick Windows 8 just because how pleasant it feels and how integrated it is with different services.

  • Hostels

    Windows 8 lacks basic features that have been standard on other computers for years. Examples: can’t print to PDF, can’t fix windows on top, pretends not to know what to do with some filetypes (like PHP), doesn’t have virtual desktops, comes with notepad.exe. It’s incredibly frustrating to use for people who have used better systems.

    This is the 21st century — everyone in the upcoming generations will need to know how to build websites and program computers to some degree. People really need a unix-based OS to do that. Also, the future of freedom requires that technology be open. Windows is a closed system.

    One of the worst things about Windows 8 is that it is a step towards trying to control software distribution. To develop for Metro you can only distribute through the Microsoft app store. This means that a central authority will control what software you are allowed to install on your computer. In order to make that happen, there is a huge push to get people off the desktop and into the Metro start screen.

    Personally, I don’t want my OS “integrated with other services.” That sounds like a door to spyware to me. I only want my computer connecting over the network when I explicitly tell it to.

  • http://federicoeinhorn.com/ Fede Einhorn

    I love the idea, if users have the ability to turn that off. We are already paying for the OS. If it is optional, I love it, specially because it’s another move against Google, the “king of the hill”.

  • Thomas

    I do NOT want advertisements if I am searching my own machine (or for that matter, my own files on the Sky Drive).

    Can I turn this advertisement feature off? Can I tell unified search to NOT search the internet?

    If I cant, I will be going back to Windows 7 – as much of a pain reinstalling everything will be. One of the reasons I don’t use apps from the store (apart from them being mostly useless to me) are the built-in advertisements.

  • Hostels

    Why go back to Windows 7? Try Linux…

  • Thomas

    That is, of course, a possibility. I have used Linux in the past. My biggest problem is that I am a gamer. Steam is getting better and better about supporting Linux, but its not QUITE there yet.