• Philip Ellis

    Personally if this were to be rolled out I think it looks great. I’m not sure its that relevant to something as generic as Roboform but if someone were to search something far more targeted, I for one would be delighted to get the additional option of deep links etc.

  • Colin Guidi

    That’s interesting. I can see if it’s fully rolled out, that it’ll slightly skew keyword data in regards to how you believe you should optimize your page around given keywords.

    Also, I’m guessing these are mirroring organic sitelinks, likely chosen based upon factors such as traffic, CTR, and bounce rates for the given deep link pages.

  • aaronwallseo

    I am seeing it for big brands like Amazon and eBay…and numerous smaller sites too like a cars.com (if TLD is added as part of the cars search).

    I see it on Firefox right now, but am not seeing it in other browsers like Internet Explorer, Opera, or Chrome.

    I can’t see Google rolling out this feature unless there is some ad extension in it, as it would undermine their efforts to monetize arbitraging third party brands.