• Steve

    Bing just earned more of my respect. Being a parent myself, I feel very strongly against this type of material. We shouldn’t make it easier for pedophiles to get a hold of child porn.

    I think Google’s stance on this position is irresponsible.

  • Zafar Malik

    I ma agree with Steve…………….well said

  • Durant Imboden

    Sounds like a CYA solution to me–like putting a Band-Aid on a melanoma.

  • Steve

    I guess a pedophile thumbed me down.

    If you’re not a pedophile, leave a comment as to why you don’t agree with me.

  • constance762

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  • Tom

    Bing are still indexing the material, and just warning you that it is illegal to view, Google are attempting to remove offending material from their indexes altogether, so that they can prevent it from showing up in any searches anyway.

    2 different solutions to the same problem.

    Personally I think that googles idea is better, since they are attempting to stop anyone from being able to find illegal material on their search engine, whereas bing are just saying “this is illegal” click ok to carry on…

    I didn’t thumb you down, and I don’t generally comment on articles. I just don’t like the way you resorted to labeling anyone who disagrees with you a pedophile.