• http://www.webceo.com WCL

    This is a great article but we would have preferred that the author mentioned Web CEO Online as one of the top Enterprise SEO tools.

    It’s not as if we haven’t been considered one of a handful of leaders in the SEO tool industry for the past 12 years (getting close to a million customers for the desktop and online versions overalll) and that we’ve been found in the top 10 on Google for “SEO Software” for much the past 12 years, while some of the startups he mentioned aren’t even placing in the Google top 30 for that and similar keywords.

    Bill: Are we failing in the PR department somehow? Not enough Twitter followers maybe (3900)? Geographically disadvantaged?

  • http://www.audettemedia.com Adam Audette

    So true Bill – sometimes it’s the dull, unsexy work that can pay off. There’s nothing fancy about this approach, but it can really pay off. Especially at scale.

    Totally agree to on Brightedge, SearchLight, SEO Clarity, Syncara, and SearchMetrics (which you didn’t mention). Re “Web CEO Limited” for not being mentioned — for whatever reason I never think of you guys for enterprise SEO work.