• http://www.alwaysonmessage.com/ Gids

    It’s about time European governments started looking more closely at Google; I hope the British government has pulled it’s finger out… why should Google take billions out of the UK economy and not pay any taxes?
    Being one of the richest companies on the planet but making millions of people in the UK have to pay more tax so that Google doesn’t have to is closer to evil than good.
    How would Americans feel if Google in America set-up offices in Mexico or Canada so it didn’t pay any taxes in the US?

  • SirTomster

    I am curious if they will try to force Google to show their algorithms. Then, of course, it will be accidentally leaked to Bing and maybe others.

    So sorry Google for that little “accident”.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    I guess, Gids, because the EU allows Google to do so. The EU doesn’t seem to mind Ireland offering lower rates and doesn’t seems to try and counter the effect of companies funneling business there.

    By the way, plenty of Americans probably already feel the way you describe, because the way Google has setup things in the EU has sheltered a ton of its income from US taxes:


    I agree, it strikes me as “un-Googly” to be doing this, as well. But Schmidt, I’m pretty sure recently, basically said well if the laws allow it….