• http://www.adamalter.com/ Adam Alter

    Sure, 77% sounds high, but 11% think the government should take over and regulate search results? That’s scary!

  • http://craigbailey.net Craig Bailey

    Never mind the useless results (ie asking 740 people is hardly representative) this post really should focus on how good Rasmussen are at linkbait. The actual question about Gov regulation (question 8): “Is there a need for government regulation of the way that search engines select the recommendations they provide?” looks like a lucky last minute addition to the survey. It’s also pretty non-threatening. The genius of this is that one of the clever folk at Rasmussen managed to turn it into linkbait where people report it as ‘77% against regulation’, ‘77% oppose’, ‘77% anti-Government regulation’ etc, etc when you see the retweets.
    And I suspect the respondents who did say there should be regulation were probably just annoyed about the amount of spam they see… we’ll never know ;)
    Congratulations Rasmussen – your PR manager deserves a raise.
    And if you’re lucky you’ll probably get a link to the ‘finding’ from Wikipedia.

  • http://www.nuttakorn.net nuttakorn

    The system in US and China is different, US should not regulate the search engines. As major search engines are public company that disclose enough information. If there is some terms are immediate impact to nation security, Government can immediately asked to search engines to cooperate.

  • http://www.rimmkaufman.com George Michie

    Craig said it well, this is a pretty meaningless survey. In today’s political climate 77% of people would oppose “government regulation of _____” — fill in the blank with anything, including “interstate commerce” which Congress is responsible for regulating.

  • http://mauricewalshe mauricewalshe

    as yes minester proved its how your ask the question :-)

    Q1 do you agree that something must be done to protect our children from this filth on the internet.

    Q2 do you think the companies that provide this porn should do something about this.

    Q3 do you think the government should make them do something about it.

  • FernandoGarces

    I wonder how much of this has to do with the fact that Google dominates search with roughly 65% of market share. This way, the question is not so much whether or not internet users oppose government regulation of search engines but whether or not they oppose government regulation of Google. I’m willing to bet the percentages would be much different if the questions were engine specific.