• MikeBun

    Hi Brad —

    So one element of quality score is “The relevance of the keyword to the ads in its ad group”.

    Do you know if the display URL is included in this relevance calculation? In other words, your quality score can be improved if you use the keyword in the ad headline or description lines, but does putting the keyword in the display URL count toward this element of QS?

  • http://sydneynetwork.net sydneynetwork

    Totally agree with what is being written here.
    I wrote a couple of articles about testing of ad copies quite some time ago and briefly mentioned Display URL as being one of the components to be tested. I also came up with a simple yet structured approach to systematically test different components in ppc ad copies. Read it here: http://sydneynetwork.net/2009/02/22/systematic-testing-of-search-ad-copies-part-2/