• Kaleena Lawless

    Aside from the unfortunate headline this is a great idea. I find that a lot of restaurant websites are difficult to access and there are never pictures. I hope this develops and thrives.

  • Tom

    Jeremy Stoppelman CEO of Yelp is a real winner. Well, no, not really. This man runs a company that not only thrives on negative attention, but refuses to respond to legitimate concerns.

    Don’t take my word for it. See here for yourself what others are saying about this company:


  • http://danentin.typepad.com Dan Entin

    Greg – my guess is they’re not getting their data from SinglePlatform. One easy way to tell would be to compare menus from the same restaurant to see if they are identical in content. Another would be to ask SinglePlatform. :) Also, on desktop Google currently links out to various menu providers, including SinglePlatform and Zagat, but doesn’t show menus inline.