• Bill Gales Jr.

    Barry is this rolling out to all Google accounts? My KW Planner does not have these features yet.

  • http://visualconnect.com Ian Leong

    Neither does mine. I have to assume this will roll out along with the other new AdWords features announced earlier this week.

  • http://justperfect.co.za Gynalissie Tigere

    maybe try “starting over” or refreshing, it worked on my side.

  • http://www.rustybrick.com/barry Barry Schwartz

    I believe it is rolling out slowly.

  • Bill Gales Jr.

    Ok thank you! Looking forward to the new features!!

  • Scott Davis

    Hah. Thanks for the warning on the coming documentation update I’ll be getting to do once this rolls out universally.

  • Prasad Dhamnaskar

    Nice features!, i thnk its rolling out slowly to all users.

  • https://twitter.com/nislija Ivan Muljevski

    I have this option. Very cool, i can slice and dice for new keyword opportunities.

  • Mark Gadala-Maria

    IMO the keyword planner tool is already a way better tool than the old Keyword Tool and these new features are just making it that much more powerful

  • Jake

    You’re the only person I’ve EVER seen say such a thing. The old tool was superior in every way. These are welcomed changes but it’s still awful when it comes to suggesting related keywords.

  • http://markyourmedia.com Stephen Alberts

    Saw it today in my dashboard. It’s interesting to see the trends in mobile traffic for certain keywords.

  • http://www.getfoundfirst.com/ Mark Jensen

    And now to see if it’s even remotely accurate.

  • http://www.splinit.in/ Sudheer Yadav

    WOW! this is very helpful for SEM Professional to campaign setup and optimization of ads & bid adjustment .Thanks for clearly define each steps.

  • James Chetwode

    I’m liking the mobile comparisons, that’s really useful stuff right there.

  • Johnny Moran

    Any idea when they may have a webinar or some type of demo? Would this type of functionality show up then in 3rd party tools like WordStream?

  • Ayodeji Olaniyan

    What is the difference between search volumes trends and average search volumes at the moment there are not the same? i.e – avg monthly searches for envelopes is 540 while search volumes trends shows 156,760 searches in the UK