• http://www.brianmanon.com/ Brian Manon

    I like the new look. It was just to plain before

  • http://www.xenonis.nl John-Pierre Cornelissen

    If only Google alerts would work properly. I have a dozen alerts for years and I hardly get any Google alert email.Talkwalker works a little better for the same alerts but it also misses a lot as it doesn’t index the entire web.

  • http://wkevingilbert.me/ Kevin Gilbert

    I’ve got the new look alerts, too. Plus, I have an option Subscribe via RSS button at the bottom. I thought Google did away with the RSS option? Are they bringing it back?

  • http://www.elite-strategies.com/blog Patrick Coombe

    the new look is great and everything but I’d rather see it re-engineered.

    In short, it just doesn’t work the way it should. 3rd party tools do a much better job which is sad considering Google IS the API and has access far beyond any web developer.

  • Sweta Srivastava

    Nice Look :)

  • Jon Sicotte

    Count me (as one of the few, I guess) as not a fan of the change. I liked the old look better. But, in a few weeks, I will have forgotten what the old way looked like and move on. :)

  • http://www.searchlocalhq.com/ Toby Crabtree

    Oh! Yes. I use Google Alerts for my business as well. It really helps me a lot in knowing the new ideas and trends in the market.

  • http://www.clippingpathindia.com/clipping-path-service.html Bijutoha

    I am using more than 1 year . it is very essential and worthwhile tool from Google. This update is too necessary for this. Thanks Google .

  • Jason Hughes

    Although you can’t see the website domain now in the new email alert – you have to rest your cursor on the title and read it in the browser status bar.

  • http://www.searchlocalhq.com/ Toby Crabtree

    Indeed its looking nice. Thanks for sharing!