• http://www.datadrivenseo.com/ Data Driven SEO

    So this is what Google has been spending their time on instead of Google Plus?

  • robthespy

    Just fix my Adwords account, please! I think many people are tired of Google’s “cute” gimmicks.

  • http://ajwconsultingmedia.com/ Adrienne Williams

    Where’s the link to the site!!!

  • cjvannette

    The cute gimmicks are a major part of the brand. You might as well tell them to stop wasting their time on the doodles.

    Also, I would bet that this was an exercise for developing Knowledge Graph.

  • robthespy

    You’re 100% right. I was just venting a bit.

    Though this is another example
    Of google poaching

  • Alan

    bacon number danny sullivan just shows searchengineland

  • http://twitter.com/dave_ashworth Dave Ashworth

    best I’ve managed is a 4 with Nazir Ahmed Khan

    even Charlie Chaplain is a 2!!