• http://www.ulistic.com ulistc

    Matt – while Google states, “our search results simply reflect what’s already out” the fact is that with new features like Google Sidewiki and Google Local Business – the reality is that Google is taking some ownership of the content on the internet. There are probably other examples too. When people using Google Toolbar are able to freely comment at a business marketing website and Google owns that data – I believe that the statement that Google only reflect what’s already out… is no longer true. Google is not a neutral observer.

    Cheers – David

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com nickstamoulis

    Hi Matt,
    This is interesting indeed. I agree and think that Google mentioned this do decrease the vast amount of complaint emails they receive regarding personal and business rep management issues. Proactive reputation management is very important, being active online where your interests lay (personal or business). Often too many times people wait until it is too late and either their online reputation is tarnished or the loss of business from the negative listings impacts their sales.

    Often too many times the rep management issues are real and are due to a poor business practice or personal legal issue that has hit the local newspapers. I think there is a difference between slander and true happenings that affect an online reputation…anyway that is my 2 cents… :)