• http://www.brickmarketing.com nickstamoulis

    This is great that Google Wave is moving to the next phase of consumer testing…hopefully this will give the other big social networks a run for their money!

  • http://www.tag44.com tag44

    Well i am must say that Google wave is moving with leaps and bounds, its good to see the Google wave upcoming preview with some new features added.

  • http://goodcontentwebsites.com/blog guzie

    Wow…without searchengineland I would never know about “Google Wave”. Features that can be used by 3rd graders and developers is a good thing. It sounds like it will have alot of “Cool Stuff” and I hope it will not take me or others away from our current online activities.

  • http://quillcards.com David

    What I would really like is something like Safari Top Sites where I can see thumbnail and updated versions of the sites that I visit a lot.

    I would rather that than have a list of new posts in an RSS reader.

  • akshaydabke

    Google Wave’s implications on business and individual user alike are profound. The integration of all the various tools of email, IM, file sharing, etc into a single platform is very revolutionary.

    However, one thing that almost everyone seems to agree on is that its going to take a bit of getting used to. The migration from traditional email to Wave & Wave-like applications(e.g. Colayer) will require a little ‘break-in’ time.

    However, as illustrated by Rasmussen himself, if 3rd graders can have a ball with Wave, then its not as bad as we think its gonna be…