• phil dom

    well if I see these cars id stick my fingers up at them for sure.. freedom of expression and all

  • Durant Imboden

    The Italian government has to pay for its Amanda Knox persecution (oops, prosecution) somehow.

  • Roman M

    You tell that Meredith’s family, Durant. Keep defending Google where ever possible, don’t you?

  • Durant Imboden

    Google is to blame for Italy’s repeated prosecutions of Amanda Knox? That’s a stretch, isn’t it?

  • magnaromagna

    Here in Italy government and judges are really separate powers. Here, in the land where Romans created the 1st (and already actual for many countries) system of laws is very very important that judges and prosecutors should work without pressions of any government. Thanks to God, in past years judges were able to “kick away” dishonest governments.

    So, please, don’t talk of “persecuton” by a government

    We could have different opinions (most of italian think that they – italian guy + american girl + african boy – are guilty: the african is the only one in jail because he is not beautiful, not rich and withouth good lawyers). I hope you never built your opinion by watching “sponsored” tv tabloids politically or nationalistic oriented. If you like, you could know many more news searching on internet, maybe using Google ;-)

  • Thomas

    yeah, that would show em’!